S Lab

[Sibin Mohan]

Systems Security Research Group at GWU and University of Illinois

The group, led by Prof. Sibin Mohan, primarily conducts research in the Computer Systems area. Much of the research aims to improve the resiliency of cyber-physical systems, real-time and embedded systems as well as the Internet-of-Things domains. To improve resiliency, we work on novel security mechanisms for these domains as well as robust networking and platform architectures. Recently, we are also expanding these ideas to the broader systems areas, e.g. security for cloud computing and the design of manufacturing systems.

The various projects in the SyNeRCyS group can be categorized as follows:

1. Security for Real-Time, Embedded, Cyber-Physical and IoT systems

2. Development of Resilient/Robust Platforms for Real-Time, CPS and IoT Systems

3. Resiliency of Cloud Computing Platforms:

4. Design of, and Resiliency for, Smart Manufacturing Systems: