S Lab

[Sibin Mohan]

Systems Security Research Group at GWU and University of Illinois

ScheduLeak: A Scheduler-based Side-channel in Real-time Systems

Team Members: Sibin Mohan, Chien-Ying Chen

Collaborators: Rakesh Bobba, Rodolfo Pellizzoni, Negar Kiyavash

Real-time systems are often the core of safety critical systems such as automotive systems, avionic systems, power plants and industrial control systems among others. While safety has traditionally been a focus in the design of these systems, security has often been an afterthought. In this project we present a novel side-channel in real-time schedulers and algorithms that exploit it. In particular, we show that the scheduler side-channel can be used to obtain critical timing information that can aid other attacks. The results indicate that our methods have a high success rate in reconstructing timing information and help advanced attacks in accomplishing their goals better.