Secure Autonomous Systems

Instructor: Prof. Sibin Mohan, The George Washington University

CSCI 6907/3907 | Fall 2022 Term | TR 12:45PM - 02:00PM ET | SMTH 115

MP IV: Attack on Rovers.


Announcement Date Nov 12, 2022
Submission Date for Setup: Nov 18, 2022
Setup Submission Time: 6:00 PM
Final Demo Day: Dec 9, 2022
Final Submission: Dec 14, 2022
Submission Time 11:59 PM
Total Points 50


In this MP you'll learn how to work with autonomous hardware rovers and then launch an attack against one. You will be working in groups of three (pre-assigned) and each group will be assigned one rover.

This MP is split in two parts (Click on the links below to go to the corresponding sections):
  1. Setup. [10 Points] [Due: Nov 18th, 2022 (6:00 PM -- note time)]
  2. Attack. [40 Points] [Due: Dec 14th, 2022 (11:59 PM)]
You'll need to complete both parts to get full credit.

Hardware Access Policy

Reserving a time slot


Rovers are to be collected from the TA.
You will find the TA at:
4900 Research, SEH Building.
His desk is the one which has a big Screw Driver set on it.
We will post additional signs around the lab to help you find the TA.
Note: (You may need to tap your card to get into the area, please email the TA if your card doesn't works or you have any other problem.)

Student Groups

Student Names Group Number
Gao Yuan
Ma Danning
Burnett Connor
Thompson Ellis
Alghamdi Mushary
Pan Deng
Lee Jonathan
Asnes Colton
Grant Miles
Thompson Marshall
McDonald Samantha
Shah Dev

Conflicts and Concerns

Any time conflicts or other concerns should be brought to the Prof/TA's attention as soon as possible.

Grading and Peer Evaluation

Note we will institute a peer rating system for this assignment since we have three people in each group. This is how it will work: