CPS/Autonomous Systems Reading Seminar

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

CS591CAS is the weekly research reading seminar on Cyber-Physical & Autonomous Systems. We select contemporary papers of interest and students lead discussions of them each week.

To suggest a paper, open an issue on the Github page. We'll close the issue when we schedule the paper.
We have a slack channel for discussions on autonomous systems within the sysnet workspace.

Also, if you are interested in more general systems and networking and want to learn about cutting-edge research, do check out the systems seminar as well.


For the Fall 2019 term, Reading Group meets on Wednesdays, 4:00pm - 4:50pm in Siebel Center 3405.

Date Paper Slides Speaker
8/28/2019 No Seminar as Sibin is Travelling
9/04/2019 ML-Based Fault Injection for Autonomous Vehicles: A Case for Bayesian Fault Injection Slides Kyo Kim
9/11/2019 1) Adversarial examples that fool detectors
2) Standard detectors aren’t (currently) fooled by physical adversarial stop signs
Slides Saurabh Jha
9/18/2019 1) Autonomous Driving System based on Deep Q Learning
2) Driverless Car: Autonomous Driving Using Deep Reinforcement Learning in Urban Environment
Slides Yen-Chieh Sung
9/25/2019 1) uavEE: A Modular, Power-Aware Emulation Environment for Rapid Prototyping and Testing of UAVs
2) Flight Testing Automation to Parameterize Unmanned Aircraft Dynamics
3)Trajectory Estimation for Geo-Fencing Applications on Small-Size Fixed-Wing UAVs
Slides Simon Yu
10/02/2019 Wireless Attacks on Aircraft Instrument Landing Systems Slides Ashish Kashinath
10/09/2019 YOLACT: Real-time Instance Segmentation Slides Sam Cheng
10/16/2019 Seminar Cancelled due to Low Turnout (moved to 10/30) Fei Ling
10/23/2019 No Seminar as Sibin is Travelling, CPSWeek Deadline
10/30/2019 Detection of Occluded Road Signs on Autonomous Driving Vehicles Slides Fei Ling
11/06/2019 Protecting Actuators in Real-Time Cyber-Physical Systems from Control Spoofing Attacks Slides Monowar Hasan
11/13/2019 Scenic: A Language for Scenario Specification and Scene Generation Slides1 Saurabh Jha
11/20/2019 1) Are all objects equal? Deep spatio-temporal importance prediction in driving videos
2) Collision Avoidance: A Literature Review on Threat-Assessment Techniques
3) Dynamic Risk Assessment for Vehicles of Higher Automation Levels by Deep Learning
4) Is It Safe to Drive? An Overview of Factors, Metrics, and Datasets for Driveability Assessment in Autonomous Driving
5) Object Filtering and Uniform Representation for Autonomous Decision Making
Slides Ayoosh Bansal
11/27/2019 FALL BREAK
12/04/2019 Adaptive Stress Testing with Reward Augmentation for Autonomous Vehicle Validation Slides Peter Du
12/11/2019 MOTS: Multi-Object Tracking and Segmentation Slides Anwesa Choudhuri


1Author's slides are used. Please do not replicate without consent.

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